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Private tour of Chateau de Fontainebleau

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Join us on a half-day excursion to Fontainebleau Castle, the true home of the Kings! The Château of Fontainebleau encompasses 800 years of French History! Learn about the first kings who came in the middle ages and hunted in the surrounding woods, marvel at the François the 1st gallery which was sumptuously decorated during the renaissance period by Italian artists such as Rosso Fiorintino and Primaticcio, see the extravagant interiors that Marie Antoinette commissioned and stroll through the courtyard where Napoleon 1st said his final goodbyes before being exiled on Elba. Your expert local guide will bring to life the favourite palace of eight centuries of kings, queens and emperors.

From EUR 564

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Your guide will meet you in central Paris at the Gare de Lyon station and accompany you to Fontainebleau by local train and a short bus ride. Once you reach the castle you will begin your journey through the eight centuries of French History. Discover with your guide the masterpieces of the renaissance while you stroll along the François 1st gallery that was the precursor to the famous hall of mirrors in Versailles. Waltz through the ballroom decorated with astounding frescos and stuccos made by Italian artists from the first school of Fontainebleau. See the chapel where Louis the 13th and Anne of Austria were married and hear about courtly life and France’s unique ‘art de vivre.’ Napoleon called Fontainebleau the ‘True home of Kings’ and so he made Fontainebleau one of his imperial residences and after parts of the castle were stripped during the revolution he set about restoring it, thus like the kings that came before him, Napoleon also left his mark on this remarkable chateau.

With your friendly local guide, you will benefit from pre-booked entrance tickets which will guarantee you direct access to the castle of the kings.

After your tour, your guide will offer to escort you back to Paris. Alternatively, remain on your own in Fontainebleau and discover the palace’s 130 hectares of gardens or stroll through the picturesque town of Fontainebleau. Your guide can recommend the best places to dine or where to have a French ‘aperitif.’


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