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Louvre Museum Tour with Skip the Line

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This tour is a must-see when you visit Paris. In what used to be a palace, join our Memories expert guide to encounter the most beautiful and unmissable pieces of art this huge collection has to offer. Meet the Mona Lisa and have her secrets revealed to you, see art spanning from Ancient Greece up to the grand format French paintings of the 19th century. You won’t be overwhelmed by this impressive museum thanks to our well trained guides.

From EUR 55.90

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What to expect during this tour ?

Prepare to be amazed by the most visited museum in the world with its 35 000 works of art. We are certain that you will not regret being lead by our expert guides in what could be an overwhelming museum. Indeed, after skipping the long lines, you will be taken on a journey, all the way from the history of the building to the gems within it. You will get the best out of the Louvre with the selected Memories guides.

Of course there is the Mona Lisa and all her secrets that will be revealed to you. Why is it the most famous painting in the world ? Who is this woman ? What is so special about her ?

But the Louvre has so much more to offer than this amazing painting. Join us and travel through time, from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece up to the Middle Ages then the Renaissance, the XVIIth century “Grand Siècle”, to finish your journey in the XIXth century.

This tour includes all the highlights of the museum :

The Louvre offers many secrets. For example, before being a museum in 1793, it used to be a palace for kings and even before that was a fortress built in 1190.

After discovering the remains of the medieval fortress, you will catch a glimpse of the Egyptian art with a 4000 years old sphinx. Then, to understand the origin of European and, more generally, Western civilisation, you will discover the evolution of Greek sculptures with its gem : The Venus de Milo. Even more impressive, on top of a majestuous staircase is The Winged Victory of Samothrace. Of course, throughout the tour our guide will point out the elements reminding of the Royal Palace. It will be obvious to you when you go in the Apollo Gallery, built for the Sun King, Louis XIV, and when you are presented with the jewels of the crown, among which is one of the purest diamonds in the world : the Regent.

Before entering the Renaissance, why not admire the art of medieval Italy to understand better the Renaissance and Leonardo Da Vinci ? You’ll also see Veronese’s Wedding at Cana, the biggest painting of the museum (70m² or 753ft²).

What about the French? Of course our guide will show you the masterpieces of the country. From Neo-Classicism with David and his renowned Napoleon’s Coronation, to Romantic paintings like The Raft of the Medusa or Liberty leading the People. You will be impressed by these grand format paintings, witnesses to a very eventful era of revolutions.

Before you leave the museum you must also see Michelangelo’s Slaves and what better way to end this amazing tour than having a look at the outstanding and over-the-top Apartments of Emperor Napoleon III

Join our expert guides and ask them questions to have the best experience ever in a wonderful museum.


Note that increased security measures may affect lines as we can't avoid them. However due to our Skip the Line privilege, we do have access to shortcuts to the security check. 


  • Secrets of The Louvre
  • Most beautiful places in The Louvre (Appolo Gallery, ​Apartments of Emperor Napoleon III...)
  • Best pieces of the Louvre: The Venus of Milo, The Winged Victory of Samothrace, Wedding at Cana, The Mona Lisa, Napoleon’s Coronation,The Raft of the Medusa, Liberty leading the People & more


  • Informative, friendly and professional guide
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  • Family friendly
  • Perfect for all ages and skill level
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors


Duration: 2:30 Hours

Operating days and start time:

All year: Monday at 9:30 am, 3:00 pm & Wednesday at 6:00 pm

Meeting point:

Meet us 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the tour next to the Arc du Carrousel that faces the Louvre Museum. You can take the metro and stop at Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre metro station (   line 1 & 7).  Look for the courtyard of the Louvre. Once you see the Pyramid, you will find, facing it, the Arc of the Carrousel across the street. 


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