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VIP Versailles Palace and Gardens including Chef Ducasse Gourmet Lunch in the Château

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Visit the most famous and prestigious palace in Europe. Learn all about when the Sun King Louis XIV decided to settle there in 1682. Walk the Hall of Mirrors like all the Royals and courtiers used to, until the Revolution forced Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to move out and never return. Our guides will tell you all the stories and anecdotes of this major and fascinating French monument and then will take you to the impressive French-style gardens where parties were often held. Once you are done, you will be taken back inside the palace to enjoy a fantastic lunch designed by French chef Alain Ducasse in a brand new restaurant. There is no better way to experience the palace than this exquisite tour.

From EUR 129.80

+1 Additional options

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What to expect during this tour ?

How could you understand the French if you haven’t seen Versailles ? This palace is the symbol of what they call “le Grand Siècle” : the Great Century ! Indeed, to the French, the 17th century represents a glorious era when France was the most prestigious and powerful country in Europe. It took the willpower of only one man : King Louis XIV. The most famous of all the French Kings reigned over France for 72 years and constantly worked for its glory, which also meant his own. He was called The Sun King and he intended to shine throughout the world. Versailles was his main mean to do so. He made it the artistic center of Europe, stealing Italy’s thunder! After you’ve seen the State Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, The Royal Chapel and toured the amazing gardens, you will probably understand what the French mean by “Grandeur” (Greatness). But this place is not only about King Louis XIV, since two of his heirs had the chance to live there. Louis XV and Louis XVI made some transformations in the palace as the world and customs were changing. Our experienced guide will show and explain to you how each of them, along with their courtiers, lived in this huge palace that counted over 2200 rooms! Our guide will also tell you all about another very important figure of French history who lived there : Queen Marie Antoinette. You will see the bedroom and apartments of the most famous Queen in French History and maybe when your guide tells you what her days there were like, you will understand why she hated the place and took shelter whenever possible in another smaller and private palace : Le Petit Trianon.

The gardens by themselves are worth the tour. Louis XIV took special care and saw them as an extension to his palace. On fountain show days you will discover the most amazing waterworks with our guide.

After your tour, we will offer you the opportunity to dine like a king at the sumptuous new restaurant Ore, recently opened in spectacular 18th century salons at the Chateau of Versailles by renowned chef Alain Ducasse.

Depending on the time of your tour, choose between a delicious gourmet lunch and an exquisite afternoon tea, known as Queen Marie’s Tea in honor of the wife of King Louis XV. Alain Ducasse is world famous for his inspired cooking, combining fresh, local ingredients to produce timeless and contemporary French dishes.

Admire the beautiful views of the chateau while you feast on some of the best French food. It’s the perfect way to end your tour!


Note that increased security measures may affect lines as we can't avoid them. However due to our Skip the Line privilege, we do have access to shortcuts to the security check.

Due to some restoration works in the Palace, some rooms may not be available to see. Should it happen, our guides know how to replace those places so your experience is complete.

Le Menu des Courtisans:

The Courtiers Menu is a 3-course meal including beverages (one glass of red or white wine*, also mineral water and coffee) and as it says in the name the quality of its food will make you feel you are one of Louis courtiers.

This menu is according to seasons and changes in order to offer you a different experience each time you come.

Should you have any specific diet (vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free, etc.), add the information on booking. To make sure we meet all your specific needs, specifically in case of allergy or vegan diet, the restaurant will need these informations within 7 days prior to the tour.

* CÔTES DU RHÔNE Château Saint-Roch 2016 or CÔTES DU RHÔNE Les Portes du Castelas - Grandes Serres 2015) 
* 18 years old is the minimum drinking age in France.



  • King and Queen's Grand Apartments & Hall of Mirror
  • Gardens
  • Musical Fountain Show (on Saturdays from March 25 to October 29 2016 as well as Tuesdays from May 23 to June 27)
  • Musical Gardens (Tuesdays from March 28 to May 16 and Tuesdays from July 4 to October 24 2017, as well as Fridays from July 4 to September 26 2016)


  • Return transportation from central Paris to Versailles by RER train
  • 3 course lunch (see details below) 
  • Expert, English speaking guides
  • Headsets when appropriate so you can always hear your guide


Duration: 5:30 Hours

Operating days and start time:

  • February 2017: Friday 09:00 am and Saturday at 11:15 am
  • March 2017: Sunday 12th, 19h at 11:15 am
  • From April to September: Tuesday & Saturday at 8:30 am
  • From July 7th to September 29th: Fryday at 8h30 am

Meeting point:

For your comfort, tour starts in an easily accesible place in Paris where you will meet our representative who will escort you by train ( RER C) to your professional tour guide at the Palace. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Meet us 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the tour at Invalides metro exit (  ). Facing it is a kiosk where you will find us. Should you choose to come by train (  RER C), you will have to walk from your exit to the meeting point. To do so, you need to walk away from the River Seine, first on your right is the kiosk.


  1. Invalides