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Private Half-Day Tour of Versailles Palace & Gardens

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Enjoy a private visit to the most famous and prestigious palace in Europe. Learn about Louis XIV,  the Sun King, and the glory of his royal Court. Walk the glittering Hall of Mirrors as Royals and courtiers once did, until the turbulent events of the French Revolution forced Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to leave and never return. Our expert guides will lead you through the magnificent State Apartments, bringing to life the fascinating personalities who once lived there, before taking you to the spectacular gardens, once considered to be extra rooms of the palace, and often the setting for lavish festivities

From EUR 477

+2 Additional options

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How can you understand the French if you haven’t seen Versailles? This amazing palace is the symbol of 'Le Grand Siècle' or the Great Century! To the French, the 17th century represents a glorious era when France was the most prestigious and powerful country in Europe, through the willpower of only one man - King Louis XIV. The glory of the Sun King shone throughout the world, and Versailles was the symbol of this glory. He made it the artistic center in Europe, stealing Italy’s thunder! After you’ve seen the State Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, The Royal Chapel and toured the spectacular gardens, you will probably understand what the French mean by “Grandeur” (Greatness). But this place is not only about King Louis XIV. Louis XV and Louis XVI made some transformations in the palace as the world they lived in was changing. Our experienced guide will explain to you how each of them, along with their many courtiers, lived in this huge palace that counted over 2200 rooms! You will also learn about the life of Queen Marie Antoinette, the most famous Queen in French History, visiting her bedroom and the apartments where she lived her life in the public eye.

You will also enjoy a stroll through the beautiful gardens. Louis XIV took special care of them and saw them as an extension of his palace. On fountain show days you will discover the incredible waterworks set to music, still running today as they did originally for the King and his court.

At the end of the tour, you can either be escorted back to Paris or choose to stay longer in Versailles. Your guide will be happy to recommend restaurants where you can savor fine French cuisine, or suggest other sights where you can enjoy more of the delights of this very royal city


The palace is accessible to wheelchairs.  However, circulating in the gardens is not optimised for people with disabilities.

Due to ongoing restoration works in the Palace, some rooms may not be available to visit. Should this be the case, our guides know how to replace those places so your experience is complete.


  • Private tour
  • Visit the Magnificent State Apartments and see the glittering Hall of Mirrors
  • Fully guided tour of the spectacular gardens
  • Informative, friendly and professional guide
  • Escorted transportation from a centrally located meeting point in Paris
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors


  • Private guided tour of the Palace of Versailles including State Apartments and gardens
  • The Musical Fountain Show or Musical Gardens will be included if running on the day of your visit
  • Escorted roundtrip transportation from Paris
  • All entrance & transportation fees included


  • 4.5 hours



  1. Paris