Walking tour on the Moon:
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12 hours


Flexible cancellation policy

We understand that plans can change, which is why we are happy to offer a full refund with no questions asked, up to 24 hours before your tour departure time.

Within 24 hours we’ve already started preparing for your tour and can’t easily fill your slot, so we won’t be able to provide a refund after that point.

Join us for a once in a lifetime experience!

This visit is a must to discover the Earth. See the most beautiful earth-rise in space and enjoy the incredible earthlight – from the Moon! The Moon is more than just a silver disc in the sky, our satellite is also a wonderful seaside resort and trekking site with a fascinating history. It’s also the best viewpoint from which to admire the many splendors of the Earth. Join an expert guide and take the trip of a lifetime!


  • Witness the rise of the Earth on the horizon of the lunar landscapes.
  • Explore the RG2 caves, veritable “natural cathedrals” of rocks and ice.
  • See the Saint-Georges crater and enjoy a glass of wine at the Burgundy wine tasting table.
  • Try moon-jumps during your hike to the Sea of Tranquility.
  • Relax on the beaches of the Sea of Tranquility.
  • Discover the archaeological and historical site of the “Blue Zone”.
  • Visit the Apollo museum.
  • See the “Watchtower” of the Justice League of America.

Tour Description

Come and discover the Moon as you have never seen it, that is to say on the spot!

The visit to the Moon begins at the Hipparque circus, where you can admire the remains of the 1950 expedition, organized by Syldavia, a small state in Central Europe. From there, you will discover the fabulous RG2 caves, named after Hergé, the creator of this mission. These caves are the only ones to contain hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites, worthy of the most beautiful caves on earth. Even more impressive is the presence of ice, an unexpected discovery in these places that your guide will be happy to show you while answering the many questions that will undoubtedly come to your mind. There have been many controversies concerning the RG2 caves. If some amateur tour guides deny the presence of water on the side of the Hypparque circus and only highlight the water present under the poles of the Moon, it is because they haven’t received the authorizations allowing them to go to the RG2 caves. We are committed to providing you with the best! Join us and the RG2 caves will open their doors to you, so come and check for yourselves if there is ice there! A must-see, these caves are not to be missed.

After such incredible emotions, our visit will continue towards the Saint-Georges Crater, the landing site of the rocket of the famous Barbicane expedition of 1865, better known today under the code name “From the Earth to the Moon ”. This was the first real human conquest of the Moon. In the very place where the heroes of this adventure took a break to drink a glass of Burgundy wine, we will revive their gesture and make a toast in their memory. Around a tasting of the best wines of Nuits-Saint-Georges, you will savor anecdotes from the journey of these first lunar adventurers. Their names – Barbicane, Nicholl and Ardan. To the heroes of the Moon: cheers!

After this break, we’ll take a hike allowing you to appreciate typical landscapes of the Moon, specially selected to give you the best views. The highlight of the show: the superb beaches of the Sea of Tranquility. Although now only the shadow of its former self (Leonardo da Vinci hypothesized that this sea previously covered the entire surface of the Moon) this sea is one of the most beautiful aquatic surfaces on the Moon.

Your journey will continue on to the far side of the Moon, the side that never shows itself to those who live on Earth. Its mysteries and legends will make you shiver with pleasure! This “goosebumps” part of your visit will lead you to the “Blue Zone”, an area corresponding to the remains of a mysterious civilization long extinct, which has left a site that is unique of its kind. It is here that the infamous Phoenix of the X-Men was killed in an epic battle between her and her companions and the Imperial Guard of the alien Shi’ar Empire. Archaeological excavations are currently continuing on the site, so you will not be able to go inside. But don’t worry, we have ensured you have the best possible experience! From the top of an exceptional viewpoint, the archaeologists themselves will come and tell you about the latest research and discoveries in progress concerning the mysterious civilization of the “Blue Zone”.

The tour will end with a visit to the amazing Apollo Museum. The site was completely redesigned in 2002 and is set in the studios where Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landing (as shown in the documentary The Dark Side of the Moon). The filmmaker produced a fabulous work of fiction about the hypothetical Apollo 11 mission that sent cosmonauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon in 1969, i.e. 19 years after the “Destination Moon” mission organized by Syldavia. This propaganda film was made in the context of the Cold War between the USA and the USSR, at the request of the President of the United States, Richard Nixon. The Communists had taken a step ahead of the Americans in the conquest of space with the dispatch of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite of the Earth, in the 1950s. All the details of this affair, the biographies of the principal characters of this “alternative fact” and the most incredible anecdotes will be revealed to you during the visit.

The return to Earth will finally take place elsewhere than the departure point of our visit – in the prestigious “Watchtower” of the Justice League of America. This building is already worth the detour for its impressive dimensions, but if you are lucky, you might come across one of its Earth defending heroes during your disembarkation. Perhaps Superman himself?

What better way to end the discovery of the Moon? We’re sure you will agree with us that for lovers of the Moon, the heavens, true science and history, this tour is an experience that will remain etched in your memories. We promised you the Moon…

Note: Our tour offers an all-inclusive package, including all administrative paperwork and the trip From the Earth to the Moon and back.

Meeting Point

The Moon Tour meeting point is on Earth for ease of use: it is the Boca Chica Village spaceport, near Brownsville, Texas. On arrival, go to the Spacex registrars, building A1 at Boca Chica Spaceport 2.

Other rallying points are at the Cape Canaveral spaceports in Florida, Charles De Gaulle in France, Kourou in Guyana and Kingsford Smith in Australia. For the latter, the checkpoint will take place at the entrance of the hyperloops that will allow the group to go to Boca Chica Spaceport.

Those of you who would like to extend your stay will leave the group upon arrival at the “Watchtower”.


Can I bring my homemade space suit?

The lunar authorities are very strict in all matters related to the wearing of space suits and the use of oxygen, which is still consigned and rationed there unlike on Earth. Personal suits are only accepted after registering an individual suit approval request (the famous ISAR) at least three months before your stay. The cost of an ISAR is 50€ on Earth.

Can I bring my dog?

Pets are accepted on the Moon but their space suits, specific to each animal, will also be subject to an ISAR.

I want to take photos, what’s the best type of camera to bring?

Wearable action cameras can adapt to lunar space suits but are only allowed with an ISAR.

Do I need a special bathing suit for the beaches?

Those who would like to enjoy the lunar beaches should not forget that their space suits are already adapted to protect them from the sun’s UV rays. Beach vendors who want to sell them “beach supplements” for “better protection” are offering nothing but a scam.

Are there any naturist beaches on the Moon?

There is a rumour that such beaches exist. It’s probably untrue as removing your space suit will expose you to obvious respiratory dangers. If they do exist it’s probable that they are VIP access only for superheros.

I’ve heard about special parties on the moon. Can I join one?

The famous “oxygen parties” practiced by a certain lunar youth are strictly prohibited, and visitors who are caught participating in them will be arrested and liable to a fine before being sent back to Earth. For those of you planning an extended stay on the Moon – don’t forget! Strangers who offer you an “oxy party” claiming it’s not illegal will be lying to you. Don’t listen to them.

Can we skip the security lines at the Watchtower?

Since the “Watchtower” is the seat of one of the most important approved associations of superheroes in the world, terrorist attacks by supervillains can take place. Safety procedures are therefore very strict and can take some time. It is not possible to speed them up, so please be patient and especially do not forget to declare any purchases made on the Moon.